Great games deserve players

We know how to reach them.

We've been around for 10 years and are not your typical publisher. As gamers and game developers ourselves, we think and talk like a developer. Have an exciting idea? Let us be your creative partner.

Cross-promotion on web

Our experienced team will identify your target audience and set up campaigns in various channels to reach them.

Key facts:

  • 30 million players at your fingertips, plus access to hundreds of millions of web players via Poki Publishing
  • Cross-promotion on Poki’s 250K+ subscriber YouTube channel
  • Highly optimized campaigns on all relevant traffic sources

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Profitability should be science, not luck. We analyze and optimize user experience and monetization to make your game competitive.

Key facts:

  • Analytical approach
  • Years of experience with programmatic ads
  • Personal relationship with premium brand advertisers

We are well-connected:

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App Store Optimization

With millions of apps in the app stores, visibility is key. We understand the app stores, and position your games in search and charts.

Key facts:

  • Experienced organic search team
  • Smart cross-promotional tools
  • Localized app store marketing

Target multiple stores:

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Stephen Kelly, Head of Games and Interactive at Studio POWWOW

Our experience working with Poki has been fantastic. They allow us to maintain creative control, while giving invaluable advise and support. I would highly recommend Poki for any developer looking for a publisher for web and mobile.

Stephen Kelly, Head of Games and Interactive at Studio POWWOW