Meet Poki

For the last year-and-a-half, we’ve been working on an intense transformation of our company. Today, we’re proud to announce an important milestone in that process: the name Gamesys, our company, and most of our local web brands will from now on continue as Poki.

In this post, we’ll explain why we rebranded, how we did it, and what this rebrand means for our users and partners.

Here’s what we’ll get to:

  1. Why rebrand?
  2. Choosing a name
  3. Our mission
  4. Staying in touch
  5. FAQ

Why rebrand?

For those of you who don’t know us that well, let’s start with a short recap of what we’ve done so far.

Gamesys was originally founded in 2005 in Amsterdam as a web portal publisher with a strong focus on local market knowledge and smart technology. For a long time, our main product has been an international casual games portal, comprised of 23 local brands.

Adding value to the open web ecosystem has always been our original mission: by working with game developers to make sure that great games get the audience they deserve, and by creating and maintaining a superior destination for web players to discover new games.

The web-game ecosystem has been around for quite a while, and our focus on value here still works. Over the past three years our audience on desktop and mobile has grown from 10 million to 30 million monthly active users.

We are very proud of that, but the world is changing, and we needed to adapt.


The multi-screen world

Our local web brands allowed us to achieve great things in the desktop age. As the internet became more popular internationally, players were happy to see that our brands started providing a localized game experience tailored to their language and culture.

In the past years however, the use of smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed. The multi-screen world has different rules: people don’t just sit at their computers, but expect access to their favorite content anytime, anywhere. We shouldn’t expect users to move to a specific device or platform for a game, if we can make an effort to make that game available on many platforms.

We believe that game developers in the multi-screen world face a number of difficult challenges resulting from the barriers between devices. As an expert on cross-platform, we will be working with developers on removing those barriers.

Great content deserves to be brought to users on all platforms. The messenger of that content will be Poki: one universal brand, easy to remember, associated with great games on all devices. We’ll share more about this approach in a future blog post.

Practical reasons

Besides playing a key role in our cross-platform future, there were also practical reasons that made this rebrand a logical step:

  • As our business evolves, we feel the need for a single brand to communicate our vision to all stakeholders: users, employees, game developers, advertisers and other partners alike;
  • Building and maintaining our local brands was becoming increasingly troublesome in our plans for the years ahead. We can now focus all our efforts on a single strong brand;
  • Users are getting more familiar with global brands serving local content, with sites like YouTube and Netflix leading the way;
  • Advertisers increasingly plan global campaigns, instead of doing it country by country. As a brand with a global audience, we are now in a better position to serve them;
  • We were occasionally being wrongly associated with the gambling company Gamesys from London.

Choosing a name

Finding a new name that adequately describes our identity, products and services was tough. We’re very proud of the end result, but why did we choose Poki?

  • It’s short and easy to memorize;
  • It sounds playful, happy and child-friendly;
  • It’s easy to type on mobile devices;
  • It doesn’t have an undesired meaning in any language;
  • We were able to acquire the .com domain name (that process deserves a blog post of its own).

We’ve considered a lot of names, and what really struck us was that the good names started sounding even better over time. We’re very happy with our new name, and only expect that feeling to grow as we build our brand.

Our mission

Game developers are facing a difficult choice between platforms and devices, while they should really be able to focus on creating great games. We believe that players are missing out on great games as a result. We’re going to fix this issue by doing cross-platform publishing right.

Our mission: to help developers bring awesome games to all screens.

This means a series of new activities.

An improved web portal

With, we’ll continue to make the web a better place for games:

  • We are unifying the experience of our web portals across countries and devices. All localized products will remain tailored to language and culture, but will eventually be rebranded to Poki;
  • We are increasing the focus on cross-device and HTML5 on our web portals by expanding our licensing budget and by engaging in closer relationships with game developers and IP owners, to ensure that their content is accessible on all devices;
  • We are working on a more personalized game experience, with Netflix-like recommendations.

The Poki Publishing Platform

We are introducing a platform to promote the benefits of the web and HTML5 with web publishers and game developers. For that purpose, we’ve partnered up with Tingly Games, a Rotterdam-based developer of excellent HTML5 games. Web publishers will have the opportunity to benefit from high quality cross-device games, powered by superior monetization technology and our extensive network of advertising partners. For more information, check out our HTML5 game catalog and information for web publishers.

Poki Productions

We will also be acting as a producer ourselves to explore the full potential of cross-platform game development. We are working closely with a select number of studios in order to develop several high production value games. These games will give the web and app stores the credit they deserve, by being designed for both and published on both.

The web portal, publishing platform and high value productions will all be supported by our team’s strong technical background, a deep understanding of user acquisition and monetization and our existing network of partners. As such, we firmly believe that these activities will reinforce one another, and that they will lead to a better experience for our users, and more opportunities for our business partners.

Staying in touch

To wrap this up, we’d like to invite you to stay in touch via the following channels:

  • This blog, which we’ll be updating regularly with new stories and insights;
  • Our Twitter feed, which we’ll use for information about our products;
  • Our LinkedIn page, for updates on our company and the game industry.

Thank you for the great partnerships so far. We’re excited about what’s next for all of us.

All the best,

Sebastiaan Moeys, Co-Founder

Michiel van Amerongen, Co-Founder


We expect you might have questions. We’ve done our best to answer some important ones below.

If things are still unclear, feel free to reach out.

Will I still be able to play my favorite game?
Yes – our existing products are not changing. They’re only being renamed to Poki.

Will the old brands still be used?
For now, some of our oldest local brands like and are still in use. In time, it is our intention to change all brand names to Poki. However, we’ll make sure the old domain names always stay there, pointing you to the right site.

Will this change anything for my business?
No. We’ll be improving our service, and if anything there will be more opportunities to work together.

Will this lead to more advertising opportunities?
Yes. Now that we’re increasing production and publishing of Poki games, expect more engaging and innovative ad formats on all devices.

Won’t your portal users dislike the new name?
We expect users to be served better with an improved and more accessible portal. They will also start seeing their favourite brand release quality games of its own.

Will the name Gamesys still exist?

Have you been acquired?
No. Same team, same company.

Is your company still the same legal entity?
Yes. Although our entity name has changed from Gamesys BV to Poki BV, we still have the same chamber of commerce registration number, VAT number, etc.

Are you hiring?
Yes. Have a look at our open positions.

I have another question. Who can I reach out to?
You can always reach out to one of us. For specific inquiries about ads or games, feel free to contact our team.